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questions. We will calculate your answers and tell you your Best Place to live. Home Page · Best Places Quiz · Find a Place · City Rankings; Research Tools.
It essentially helps you find your spot. The survey is rather in-depth and no matter how many times I've taken it, the results have always been the same.
I took the Find Your Spot quiz* and my top two recommended locales were Hot Springs Village ("America's Natural Spa"!) and Little Rock...

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Eventually we came to a stop on the side of an old unpopular road and got out. We need to find what excites us.
find your spot

The truth is, almost every region of the world has some organization that is keeping track of the demographics and statistics for a particular area. Where is your Best Place to Live? Quiz: Predicts Where You Come From Based on Dialect. This Texas town's cattle industry was started by Charles Goodnight, inventor of the chuckwagon. Relocation information on cities, cost of living, housing prices, retirement communities. And I mean absolutely no offense to Arkansas — I've never been there, and I'm sure it's lovely — but I was surprised. We climbed into the bed of the truck shivering a bit, and thats when my dad amarte bwlkhy in a deep breath and said, "This is my spot. Fear of Lunching Out Cities.

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For us, that somewhere turned out to be Costa Rica. Home About Us Articles Books Links Polls Contact Us. So, are you in the process of looking for a new place to live? It teaches us how to appreciate every moment in our lives as they come and go so fast. The European Commission regularly conducts research on everything from GDP per capita and growth rate for countries, to where climate change is having the biggest impact, how dramatically demographics are changing in some areas, and other important social issues that will ultimately have an impact on whether or not you like where you choose to live.

find your spot