Turkish customs etiquette

turkish customs etiquette

Guide to Turkey and Turkish culture, customs, religion, society, language, etiquette, manners and protocol.
The local customs and body language of Turkish people may vary from what you are accustomed to. Before taking a holiday or trip to Turkey.
Turkey. Culture and etiquette. Find out more Essentials Planning your trip Books But traditional customs matter, and although you're unlikely to cause offence..

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Best time to visit? Some Turks who are Muslim drink alcohol, but those Turks who. Frame for the best viewing experience.

turkish customs etiquette

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  • These are extremely sensitive topics and are definitely to be avoided.
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  • Travel Etiquette When Travelling in Russia. What are the useful websites, blogs and videos on Istanbul and Turkey?

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Usually Turkish family is characterized by a "male domination", respect for elders and women's subordination. Daughters also usually live with their mother until marriage. I would certainly like to conform to appropriate local expectations. Business Etiquette and Protocol. If you are invited into the home of a Turkish family, be sure to take them a gift chocolates, flowers, or something from your home country. I am sure I have done the later and do not recall any impressions of horror, so I would guess that visitors have some latitude.

Turkish customs etiquette -- journey

Feet, shod or not, are considered unclean and should never be pointed at anyone. Thus despite the widespread misconception the Turks are very tolerant to ignorance of features of their Turkish culture by guest and are able to easily forgive "small sins". I think one of the main things that came out of the last thread is that in the cities and larger towns, the customs and the etiquette is less important. Email Facebook RSS Twitter Search. While many female travellers encounter little more than some flirtatious banter while travelling in Turkey, a minority experience unwanted attention and more serious harassment in both resorts and rural areas. Try to use some Turkish phrases. On such mosques, no one is warned about their clothes, or because of their lack of head scarves. I also have not really heard of not passing stuff with your left hand, that's a new one to me.